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Circleloop + Lesson Moore

How CircleLoop help Lesson Moore meet Regulatory Compliance

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About Lesson Moore

Lesson Moore are health insurance specialists who help customers save on health insurance premiums and get the most from their policy.

Offering multi-layered policies, unlike the standard one layer that most brokers offer, Lesson Moore ensures clients are getting covered for the things that matter to them.

Clients normally pay for benefits they will never use or have a policy that is not up to date with the latest medical developments, whereas Lesson Moore’s expert advisors have a deep understanding of the latest trends to offer you a policy that is value for money.

Poor service left a sour taste

As insurance brokers, Lesson Moore requires clear and precise communication with clients. Having a quality, reliable service is important due to the nature of the industry.

Lesson Moore’s previous phone system encountered numerous issues which caused a big headache. They experienced unreliable phone service and when they complained they received poor customer service.

Lesson Moore found the antidote to their problems in CircleLoop.

...we value being able to pick up the phone to your customer support when we need a little guidance.

Reliable and easy to navigate

An easy to use system that more importantly was reliable (even being based out of rural Somerset) was a key driver for Lesson Moore when deciding to use CircleLoop. An intuitive and easily navigated user interface allows Lesson More to self serve their own telecoms.

Meeting regulatory compliance

Working in the finance sector means Lesson Moore are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, therefore, being able to record calls is of the greatest importance to meet compliance requirements.

CircleLoop provides easy access to call recordings and the ability exists to pause the recording to take any payments over the phone.

As we're regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority having reliable and easy to use call recording is especially useful as part of our compliance procedures.

Ideal to enable staff to work from home

CircleLoop has been a God send especially in 2020 when we have had to adapt to home working as a team. We simply need a headset and there's no need to take handsets home to work from home effectively.

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As a manager of our sales team, CircleLoop allows me to track and monitor my team's calls. The ability to record and listen to calls means I can continue to provide my team training and give them pointers and advice on how they can improve.

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Sales Team



CircleLoop made the transition to working from home easy when Covid-19 restrictions came into force.

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The Customer Success Team get a 10/10 for their support in setting up our account as well as liaising with our previous provider when we ported our number.

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