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Onboarding Made Easy

Everything you need to get started with CircleLoop.

We believe the future of the telecoms industry is one which is not constrained by legacy infrastructure, but instead, is delivered using modern technologies.

Becoming a CircleLoop customer is a forward thinking business choice for businesses that are willing to work outside of traditional legacy technology.

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About us

Understanding CircleLoop

We may differ from your current provider but we believe that's a good thing!

We don't believe in contracts, we work on a monthly recurring fee basis per user.

We offer modern cloud telecoms served via powerful desktop, web and mobile applications enabling you to work from anywhere.

We don't offer handsets that work independently of our application, instead we offer Jabra headsets that are specifically designed to work alongside CircleLoop. If the comfort of a deskphone is needed we have introduced devices that work in a hybrid model alongside our desktop application.


Meet The Team

Our customer success champions are the day to day face of CircleLoop.They are there to assist you with a range of enquiries including number porting, technical support, product demos and can guide you through optimisation in order to get the best from our product.

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Customer Success 

Head of Sales

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Product Demonstration


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Customer Success

Champion Support

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Customer Success

Head of Support and Porting

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Customer Success

Champion Porting

Getting Started

Help Guides

CircleLoop Apps

Download and install CircleLoop apps. How to get started with our mobile and desktop apps.

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How To Log In

How to log in to Circleloop for the first time. CircleLoop works using apps.

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Phone Numbers

Adding and removing phone numbers. Any number you add is instantly live and ready to use.

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Set Up A Team

Set up teams or departments and route inbound calls to the right people.

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Set Up A Menu

Setting up your menu depends on your device, if its either PC/Mac (Desktop) or iOS/Android (Mobile).

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Redirecting Your Calls

Calls to your CircleLoop numbers can be redirected to another user, team or menu.

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Activity Feed

All call, message and account activity, appears in all apps so you always know what’s going on.

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Working / Out of Hours

Set the days and times that you are available and route the calls according to your needs.

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Ensuring high-quality

Help with Call Quality

Ensuring high-quality calls is crucial for businesses, as poor call quality can lead to a loss of credibility and revenue. CircleLoop users can rest easy knowing that Quality of Service (QoS) is a top priority.

QoS refers to the ability of a network to provide a reliable, consistent level of service to users, ensuring that calls are clear and free from interference. By prioritizing QoS, CircleLoop guarantees that their users can conduct business with confidence and without worrying about call quality issues.

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Benefit from our powerful integrations

Check out our growing list of powerful integrations and webhooks helping your team save time and get more done.

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Number Porting

Porting Numbers

Number Porting is a service that enables you to transfer your phone number from your previous provider to CircleLoop. However, this process can be complex and challenging due to the manual nature of the UK telecoms industry.

At CircleLoop, we understand the frustration that can arise from this process and have a dedicated team to support and guide you through the process, ensuring that the transition is as seamless as possible.

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