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After face-to-face meetings, phone calls have long been one of the best ways to conduct business. Far superior to email or instant messaging, which miss the all-important benefit of hearing someone’s voice, phone calls have been key to the success and growth of the global market and cross-country deals.

When face-to-face meetings were officially banned during the pandemic, this only served to reinforce the importance of the phone call in business, not just externally but internally too. But the telecoms industry has of course come a long way since the business first began relying on phone calls for success…

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Most Talkative Locations
Most Talkative Locations

Discovering the UK's Most Talkative Business Locations

Rapid advancements in technology have made business calls even easier with the need for a wired connection becoming redundant and cloud-based phone systems taking over. Thanks to this, a new era has been born that enables business to be conducted from anywhere, at any time.

Across the UK, and the rest of the world, we’ve been making up for lost time and getting increasingly chatty over the phone, with call numbers and durations rising to impressive levels as businesses bounce back post-Covid. Creating the Chatterbox Matrix, we endeavored to find out which town, region - and even North vs South - in the UK would be home to the chattiest businesses.

Top Ranked

The Top 3 Chattiest Towns in the UK

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01 Watford

By far the chattiest, businesses in Watford have an average call duration of 1.8 minutes (108 seconds) and a call volume of 21%.

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02 Macclesfield

Coming in second place, businesses in Macclesfield have an average call duration of around 1.7 minutes (104 seconds) and a call volume of 16%.

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03 Burnley

In a very close third, businesses in Burnley have an average call duration of around 1.7 minutes (106 seconds) and a call volume of 14%.


The Chatterbox Matrix Ranked

Check out the Chatterbox Matrix top 10 to see where you’ll find the chattiest businesses. To reveal the full list of rankings, including all towns and UK regions, type your email address below.

2MacclesfieldNorth West10415.573
3BurnleyNorth West10614.469
4SouthamptonSouth East11811.964
5BathSouth West9313.858
6HuddersfieldYorkshire and the Humber 8914.558
7DurhamNorth East 11410.253
8KillingholmeEast Midlands7914.853
9ChesterNorth West 921250
10Stoke-on-TrentWest Midlands 1138.946
11PortsmouthSouth East 113946
12Leicester East Midlands 821245
13WolverhamptonWest Midlands 9310.444
14YorkYorkshire and the Humber 119738
15Exeter South West 919.338
18BlackburnNorth West859.135
19HarrogateYorkshire and the Humber 1395.233
20RochdaleNorth West907.832
21Halifax Yorkshire and the Humber 1295.230
22BristolSouth West1205.530
23Colchester East1155.830
24Milton Keynes South East1006.429
25BasildonEast 986.529
26WiganNorth West1264.928
27EdinburghScotland 69928
28LiverpoolNorth West678.927
29ReadingSouth East 1025.726
30LondonGreater London817.126
31ManchesterNorth West58924
34GlasgowScotland 677.523
35Bangor (Co. Down)Northern Ireland1483.222
36OxfordSouth East 1134.422
37WakefieldYorkshire and the Humber 925.222
39BirminghamWest Midlands 775.720
41BrightonSouth East904.819
42DoncasterYorkshire and the Humber 814.918
43NottinghamEast Midlands 665.917
44CheltenhamSouth West973.716
45NorthamptonEast Midlands 705.216
46LisburnNorthern Ireland1322.415
47TynesideNorth East1162.815
48BoltonNorth West734.515
49CanterburySouth East 923.314
50CardiffWales 913.113
51DarlingtonNorth East773.713
52CoventryWest Midlands 1311.912
53DudleyWest Midlands 1002.712
55SwindonSouth West1501.611
56WorcesterWest Midlands 1122.111
57MiddlesboroughYorkshire and the Humber 693.511
58Belfast Northern Ireland1022.110
59LeedsYorkshire and the Humber 802.69
60PlymouthSouth West1281.48
61WarringtonNorth West981.78
62RotherhamSouth East1141.47
63SunderlandNorth East 662.27
65HullYorkshire and the Humber 1101.26
66SheffieldWest Midlands 711.65
67BradfordYorkshire and the Humber 10214
68NewcastleNorth East1000.84
highest call volume

Which town has the highest call volume?

Including inbound and outbound calls, focusing on the call volume by town population, our research has found that these towns have the highest volume of business calls in the UK.

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01 Watford, Hertfordshire

Businesses in Watford claimed a call volume of 21%. This means 1 in 5 calls made in the town over the last 6 months were made by chatty businesses!

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02 Macclesfield, Cheshire

Businesses in Macclesfield claimed a call volume of 16%. This means around 1 in 6 calls made in the town over the last 6 months were made by chatty businesses!

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01 Swindon, South West

Businesses in Swindon spend on average 2.5 minutes (150 seconds) chatting on each phone call.

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02 Bangor, Northern Ireland

Businesses in Bangor spend on average just under 2.5 minutes (148 seconds) chatting on each phone call.

Most phone time

Which town spends the most time on the phone?

Including inbound and outbound calls and focusing on the average call duration, our research has found that these towns spend the longest amount of time chatting business over the phone out of all UK towns.

North vS South

Which half of England is the chattiest?

Including inbound and outbound calls and focusing on both average call duration and call volume, we divided English regions into their Northern and Southern family groups and our research established once and for all who’s really chattier - Northerners or Southerners?

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01 South

Businesses in the South of England have an average call duration of 1.7 minutes (101 seconds) and a call volume of 7%. This means 1 in 14 calls in the South are made by chatty businesses!

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02 North

Businesses in the North of England have an average call duration of 1.5 minutes (92 seconds) and a call volume of 6%. This means 1 in 17 calls in the North are made by chatty businesses!

Research approach


The data used to create the Chatterbox Matrix was sourced from CircleLoop’s own internal data. Over a period of 6 months in the latter half of 2021, CircleLoop’s customer data was extracted and anonymised. The specific data points sourced were geographical location or town where the business resides, the call count of inbound and outbound calls and the average call duration of inbound and outbound calls.

Call count figures were then divided by total the town population to produce a call volume percentage that represented the share of calls businesses were making in that town. The Chatterbox Score is ranked out of 100, and combines the number of calls per person with the average call duration. The most ‘chatty’ town or city across these two factors is awarded a score of 100, with all other towns and cities being awarded a score relative to the most 'chatty' location.

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