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Which nations have the fastest and most reliable internet connections? To find out, we’ve analysed the connection speeds, as well as the availability of mobile internet services such as 4G and 5G in different countries around the world.

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A Look at Internet Speeds Around the World

A reliable and fast internet connection is vital these days, especially in a world where more of us are working from home than ever, with some choosing to abandon the office altogether and work while travelling the world as ‘digital nomads’.

A good connection enables you to work effectively whether you’re working remotely or from the office, and stay with colleagues right around the world via video or conference calling. But which countries can claim to be the most ‘connected’?

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The Top 3 most Connected Countries

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01 South Korea

The clear winner was South Korea, with an incredible score of 9.55 out of 10 across the six factors that we looked at. South Korea scored highly across the board, being the top-ranking nation when it came to average fixed broadband upload speed (227.26 Mbps) and narrowly missing out on top spot when it comes to the availability of 4G, with 98.3%.

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02 Singapore

Another Asian country with a highly developed economy comes in second, Singapore. Singapore had the fastest download speeds when it comes to fixed broadband (245.5 Mbps) and also boasted the second-highest fixed download speeds (225.13 Mbps) and good 4G coverage too (94.2%)

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03 United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is the third Asian country to make our top three, with an overall score of 8.19 out of 10. The UAE actually came top of two of the factors that we looked at, the average mobile download speed (190.87 Mbps) and upload speed (30.13 Mbps), but slightly lower speeds when it comes to fixed broadband meant that it just lagged behind South Korea and Singapore.

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World View of Connected Countries

The nations with the fastest and more reliable internet connections

KEY - Overall connected score /10 - (higher score = better)

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Research approach


Data for the average download and upload speeds of both mobile and fixed broadband internet were sourced from the Speedtest Global Index (using April 2021 data). 4G availability was sourced from Opensignal’s State of Mobile Network Experience 2020 report and refers to the average proportion of time Opensignal users spend with a 4G connection on their operator’s network.

Whether 5G had been launched or not was sourced from the European 5G Observatory. For each of the six factors, we gave each country a normalised score out of ten, before taking an average of these six scores to determine our overall score out of 10.

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