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Features / Deskphones

Deskphone Provisioning Overview

Provision a wide range of SIP and ATA devices to work seamlessly with our platform, providing our customers with the flexibility to choose the devices that best suit their needs.

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variety of options

Advanced & Help Provisioning

Use CircleLoop Admin Settings to provision a range of devices to work with CircleLoop.

Provision via your CircleLoop Customer Success Team a range of SIP and ATA devices to work with CircleLoop or visit our help article.

CircleLoop is an app-first solution and the recommended setup for best performance and the richest feature set is to use the CircleLoop Windows / Mac Desktop App with a wired headset and ethernet network connection.

Smart features that save you time and money


The forwarding function is configurable via the CircleLoop Apps only.


Mutes your audio, whilst keeping the caller connected. Supported on all SIP handsets.


Controls the volume of the headset/handset. Supported on SIP phones.


Contacts can be added into SIP device address books manually.


Place the caller on hold with optional music. The configuration of the hold music is managed by the CircleLoop App, but all supported SIP handsets can hold and unhold calls.

Emergency Calling

It is possible to call UK Emergency Services via a deskphone. Please contact the CircleLoop support team to enable this function.


It is possible to withhold your number when dialing from a deskphone, simply prefix the dialled number with 141.


CircleLoop voicemails are accessible via the CircleLoop Apps with voicemail messages transcribed and delivered via email.

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