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CircleLoop is the perfect phone system for busy tradespeople on the go, and when Berry Electrical needed a phone system that was easy to set up and give them a national presence for their business, we were able to help.

Here’s how…

About Berry Electrical…

Berry Electrical is a family run and owned electrical company based in Rossendale who carry out all aspects of electrical, fire, data, CCTV and door access work for domestic and commercial properties throughout the UK. With over 18 years of knowledge and experience in industrial, commercial and domestic installations.

With seven vans in their fleet and eleven employees, it was important that their business phone system could route calls to different team members, retain a professional appearance even when on site and not in the office.

Using CircleLoop enabled our team to take calls on the move whilst often at client premises carrying out work. We achieve this by forwarding calls from our CircleLoop 0333 number to designated team members mobile phones.

Director at Berry Electrical

An easy to use business phone system

It was important to Berry Electrical that their business phone system was a self-service tool and easy to use that could be available on multiple devices, and because CircleLoop provides complete control with useful and easy to leverage features, it was a no brainer.

The administration of our account is completely self service and is really easy to use.

The benefits of an 03 number

Berry Electrical felt it would be beneficial for them to utilise a non-geographical number for their business. They felt that customers were skeptical to answer from different parts of the country and therefore use an 03 number to give them a national presence.

We felt a new national number would benefit our business as people were skeptical to answer from different parts of the country

The benefits of our mobile app

Because of the nature of the industry and being out on site a lot of the time, Berry Electrical uses CircleLoop via the mobile application, rather than via the web or desktop.

The team use a combination of the CircleLoop Android App and the call-forwarding feature to take calls. Having the call-forwarding feature in place means that any inbound calls to a CircleLoop number are forwarded to the SIM number of the mobile, ensuring that call quality is maintained consistently when 4 or 5g is not available - ideal for when you’re out and about.

They also use the present dialled number option which displays the number that the caller has dialled (i.e. the Berry electrical business line) on the screen of the mobile device when a call rings through - this helps to verify a work call and to answer it.

The mobile app is excellent and very reliable, we have call-forwarding inplace so call quality is never an issue.

Features to shout about

Features like call forwarding, setting business hours, and call routing are ideal for businesses that are on the go. Berry Electrical found that being able to set business hours was hugely beneficial, with in the account you can choose your working hours, and any inbound calls that come through out of those hours are sent to a prerecorded, personalised answer phone message.

In addition, call routing - a feature that sends inbound calls to other available employees after a certain time frame, has meant that they never have to miss a call - whether this is a potential customer ringing for a quote or a supplier.

A job well done

We’ve been using CircleLoop for over 3 years, and it’s a great business phone system. Setup was really easy, as is managing calls whilst we’re on the go. The Customer Success Team is great too.

Director at Berry Electrical
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