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Features / Analytics

Instantly view and analyse call data for your entire team with call analytics

Call analytics is included with CircleLoop at no extra cost. Instantly view important call data for your whole team. Why pay extra for it?

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call analytics

Powerful call analytics software to improve reporting for your business

CircleLoop automatically logs and reports all call activity across your team. You’ll be able to identify your most prolific users, most dialled numbers, missed call patterns or overall team performance. You’ll find everything you need to know in the CircleLoop Analytics panel.

You gain access to our call analysis as soon as you get your account and at no extra charge. Call data analytics can be accessed directly in CircleLoop for all customers, even if you’re using one of our powerful tool integrations.

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Instant admin control and access to call data

As a CircleLoop admin you can access the Analytics panel at any time and filter call activity results by date to provide the information that you need to keep your team on track. Identify the number dialled and call durations instantly and even listen back to call recordings if necessary. Filter by User, Number and Team to get the insights you need to drive your business forward without disrupting the rest of your team.

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analytics dashboard

What’s included in our call analytics dashboard?

CircleLoop’s call data analysis show gives you an overview of:

  • Real-time custom dashboards
  • Total calls
  • Inbound, outbound & missed calls
  • Calls by number
  • Calls by user
  • Calls by team
  • Call duration
  • Instant access to call recordings
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make every call count

Call centre analytics

Having an overview of your contact centre call activity is essential to keeping it running smoothly. Spotting your top performers, or the people struggling but still making an effort to make calls, can help you spread work out more effectively across your team.

Use call centre data analysis to improve your call quality, and couple it with our call recording to train your team.You’ll be able to see just how hard your remote teams are working too, with a complete overview of all their call data at your fingertips.

Learn more about call recording.

Amazing features

More than just call data analysis software

Self service

Add a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze number to your CircleLoop account

Desktop and Mobile Apps

As a cloud-based phone we run using VoIP (voice over internet protocol), so you can make and receive calls on your mobile or desktop.


CircleLoop can sync up with deskphones, so if you still need a physical phone presence we can help there too.

Number Porting

Port your old number over to CircleLoop, so you haven’t got to worry about losing key inbound prospects.


While our apps lessen the worry of missing a call, we offer voicemail transcribing for any voicemails left to your CircleLoop numbers.

Out of Hours Routing

Set the days and times you are available, route calls to another team, menu or external number

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to another team, menu or another user


All voicemails can be converted to text and sent to your activity feed or email

Conference Calling

Every user gets their own conference room, to arrange group calls with ease

Call Recording

Call recording lets your sales team learn from their mistakes and improve their calls, plus they don’t have to worry about taking note or missing a detail.

Call Greetings & Menus

If people need to return your sales calls, you can set up in-call menus to direct callers to the right place.

Call Forwarding

Send inbound calls to mobile phones or other landline numbers

Call analysis to take your other tools even further

Analytics gives you a top down view of every call that’s made to or from a CircleLoop number, even if it’s through your other platforms.

Do You Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions and don't hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance

What is call analytics?

Call analytics is the means of collecting data about the calls made in and out of a business. It includes the number of calls made, taken, missed or ones that go to voicemail. Call analytics also give you data on the call maker or receiver.

What call data is included?

Our call analytics platform gives you data on, Total number of calls (inbound, outbound & missed), Call durations and Response times. You can use this data to calculate the effectiveness of users or your team.

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